Speech therapy and Dentistry?


There are two great childhood friends: Pedaitric Dentistry and Speech Therapy. They are complementary, from an early age. Inseparable friends, like teeth and gums, did you know that?

It’s true: chewing, dental movements and bone changes also affect swallowing, speaking and breathing. And vice versa. Small speech and breathing problems can also contribute to the development of dental problems in children. Good phonation and correct diction are only possible if the perioral, facial and especially the tongue muscles are functioning adequately. Pediatric Dentistry, Speech Therapy and Otorhinolaryngology are allies. Why? Because they all work in the oral sphere and its adjacent structures. These three disciplines are complementary and interact for better health for children or adults. At Greck Odontologia, health is important because it is a fundamental pillar of well-being and smile in our life!


Everyone smile in the same language!