Early orthodontics: what is it?


The age of 6 or 7 is known as the age of “why?”, “Questions?”. This is when youngers start to ask everything around them. Sometimes it is also the time to start orthodontic treatments for children. Preventive orthodontics that will help the development of teeth and jaws that are still in the growth phase. Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics go hand in hand, they are two complementary specialties in Dentistry. Good pediatric dental support helps prevent anomalies earlier such as lack of space causing dental crowding or “overlap”, crossbites, among others, which can become major disorders in adolescence or at adult age, including self-esteem and aesthetics in children or adults.


But every case is different and early treatment should not be applied to all orthodontic and orthopedic problems. Three common situations that can be minimized with early intervention are crossbites, protrusion (anterior projection or dental overjet) and overbite (overlap of the lower incisors by the upper ones is too great). The former can cause irregular jaw growth and facial asymmetry. The second can lead to protruding teeth which can lead to a higher risk of dental fractures. Malocclusions generally modify the shape and harmony of the face.


Let’s take the time, at the right time, to examine, listen, answer with simple words to all these “Little ones” who ask and ask us again and again.