When is the correct time to take your child to the dentist?

The first consultation should take place at least once in the baby’s first year of life. That’s right, taking care of the baby’s mouth from the first year of life. In Pediatrics, the baby must go, on average, 12 times to the pediatric doctor until completing 1 year of life and in pediatric dentistry, we need to be your partner at least once, with the arrival of the first teeth.

Even without teeth, breast feeding is responsible for the protection of the oral mucosa, however it is important to periodically observe and clean the baby’s tongue and gums, from the 2nd month of life on, especially in the case of small refluxes. The mother can use small wet compresses, wrapped around the finger, at least once a day to clean the baby’s mouth.

And when the first teeth start to come in? It’s time to use the special brushes for babies (easily found), even more recommended than the fingers gums massagers, which massage the gums more than they remove residues.

But our little ones deserve great care. Therefore, monitoring in Pediatric Dentistry is essential. In addition to guiding parents to a healthy routine (oral hygiene and food), it avoids early problems in temporary teeth and in the dental arches that will receive healthy permanent teeth.

It is to make the first visits to the dentist more cheerful and relaxed that Dr. Anna Paula Greck becomes Super Tia Paulinha.