It’s like grandmother said: prevention is better than cure. This is also true in dentistry. With simple actions like daily oral hygiene combined with dental prevention care and pain-free treatments with Tia Paulinha, your children’s teeth will stay strong and healthy. All this for more smiles on the family’s selfies.


5 tips for smiling moms and babies.


– Prenatal dental care: take care of oral health during pregnancy. Avoid infections that can appear or worsen during these important nine months.


– Before the birth of the baby’s teeth: gentle cleaning with a wet compresses, once a day.


– Taking care of teeth and mouth should be part of children’s routine, like washing hands, hair, cutting nails … and brushing teeth!


– Healthy food for babies and children is also essential for healthy teeth and good health. Prefer natural foods. Avoid the consumption of sugar and industrialized foods in the first years of life.


– Teach the importance of good oral habits as soon as possible. And, of course: example is always the best way to teach.


The baby’s mouth deserves all attention from birth: the observation of the frenulum of the tongue and the sucking capacity for good breastfeeding or the presence of “native teeth”, discovered in the maternity ward from birth.


Health is a precious commodity that children must learn to maintain from an early age. Simple actions that have a very positive influence on the quality of life of children, adolescents and future adults. This is the goal of Anna Paula Greck’s Pediatric Dentistry, a reference in child oral health in Bahia.