Scientific progress is very important in our profession. In dentistry, new technologies allow us to provide faster, safer and much more precise care. At Greck Odontologia, new technologies are always a priority to obtain the best results and make you smile.


Better vision and amplification during treatment: microscope or binocular


Better image for better diagnosis: digital radiography and 3D image


Anxiety-free and pain-free: conscious sedation and electronic anesthesia


More precise and faster: mechanized endodontic treatment with NiTi instruments and root apex locator


More safety during treatment: NSK motors with ceramic bearings, micro filter, Dual Defense System (clean head system and anti-reflux valve), titanium body with anti-allergic and biocompatible DURACOAT coating, optical fiber illumination


More traceability and controlled sterilization: Sterilization center with material traceability and iCare NSK unit for better maintenance and greater safety for our patients


More digital and better communication: digital medical record, digital communication and online consultation.